May 2004

Why we get our wisdom teeth out–we used to have bigger jaws to chew with, but food processing technologies (cooking, etc) eliminated that while our teeth stayed the same size (genetic, not adaptive): “The size of teeth has not decreased as fast (genetic factors control more of their variation); hence, modern teeth are actually too…more

DEJA VIEW, Inc. – camera buffers continuously the last 30 seconds it’s seen; saves it when you press a button.

Nike: See Lance Ride

Furl – Public Archive – jkottke (Jason Kottke)

On Paradise Drive : How We Live Now (And Always Have) in the Future Tense – book by David Brooks exploring the Culture of Fear idea that “Americans have always been united less by a shared past than by the shared dream of a better future”; also explains our crazy driven people contrasting with our…more

dBforums – Closing Popup window when Parent Window is closed – i love the style of this page…great for an “archived” item, like most of my written content will be on…

More detailed bike map view – avoid the blue roads!

Bike routes and paths around Mountain View – highlighting separate paths and roads with bike lanes…

Miscellaneous Symbols – Test for Unicode support in Web browsers – just the expanded miscellaneous set

Character Entity Reference HTML 4 – especially the section called “Expanded Character Entity List: Miscellaneous Symbols”; good iconic images spec’d by code…will need cross-browser testing