August 2004

OS X Panther Theme for T616

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Close-to-semantic Flash text replacement – for designer-spec’d fonts

Empire Hotel // Llandudno, North Wales, UK – uses valid Flash embedding code

( Justwatchthesky ) Neubix Phone Theme – for t616

Web Site Usability

The first book read from my book binge, and the only one related to my current job, Web Site Usability seems at first glance to be an obsolete volume on web design. Published in 1997, before I even knew how to use the web, it uses example sites that are obviously dated and possess primitive […]

gapingvoid: how to be creative – lots of emphasis on long, hard work; not “overnight sensations”

Bruce Mau Design – Incomplete Manifesto – lots on autotelic design, forcing yourself into creative situations, growth as a designer

View “Full Source” in IE – the dynamic code the browser is currently displaying, not just the source