February 2008

History of war through food – wow.

Public neutral tech support – watch out, Bobby Julich is out to steal your wheels!

Escaping the Entrepreneurial Seizure: Interview with Michael Gerber – “Entrepreneurs invent businesses that work without them. Technicians create businesses that work because of them…81% of all businesses in the US employ no people besides the owner. They

Design Strategy – California College of the Arts – an MBA in design strategy…

Bomberos – the calm look on their faces says a lot about these kids who tow on carts behind trucks in Peru

What if Human Resources was called “Talent”?

YouTube – George Carlin’s famous stuff routine – “If you didn’t have so much stuff, you wouldn’t need a house–you could just walk around all the time! That’s all your house is–it’s a pile of stuff with a cover on it.”

For Obama

It’s not a terrible surprise, I suppose (especially given my location), but still worth stating. I am for Barack Obama’s presidency. Like most people, I was swept up by his hopeful speeches. McCain recently attacked Barack for offering nothing but “platitudes”. Even if that were the case, the country really does need some hope, and […]

Adobe Tour Tracker – really an amazing web app–and the content ain’t bad either.

Absolut Quartet: robots making music with ping pong balls and brandy glasses – Engadget – gorgeous, and perhaps an easier option than hiring this guy to play the glasses for you.