March 2008

The Vatican’s mortal sins, circa 3508 A.D. – “3. THOUGHT LARCENY, or the pilfering of another person’s ideas through telepathic technology. Such thievery violates the sacredness of the individual conscience.”

Holophonic sound (go try that now) plus stereoscopy a la U23D plus gestural interactions via via projector/tablet or Nintendo Wii hacking = ???

A sneaker sanctum – “In downtown Boston, there is a sneaker store that is concealed beyond what looks like a cigarette and candy hole in the wall…You enter a cramped little store, there is a guy surrounded by lotto tickets and cigarettes…You must approach the Coke machine and if you get close enough, it disappears…more

Leica Camera AG – Service – m8upgrade – Finally, someone working against planned obsolescence–upgrade your digital camera instead of replacing it: “The M8 is designed to deliver professional results over many years. With the M8 Upgrade Service you have the possibility to upgrade your LEICA M8 with the latest technological developments.”

Bitstrips: Comic Builder – pretty cool Flash tool for storyboarding

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Interesting research on philanthropy and matching gifts – “The existence of a matching gift did very much matter [in soliciting more donations]…But the size of the match in the experiment didn

Picasso “was a marvelous, funny, nice guy to be around, but you’d find by the end of the day [that you] were totally nervously exhausted; that everybody around him had suffered from nervous exhaustion; and he, at the age of eighty or eighty-five, would go off into his studio, strutting off into his studio, and…more

Ah, so that’s how Semco lets people set their own salaries–they’re public knowledge in the company and your coworkers have the power to fire you if they don’t think you’re worth it – YouTube – The Caring Capitalist – Brazil

Water Lilies – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia – wait a minute, Monet started impressionist painting at the same time he had cataracts? Somehow that seems like cheating…