November 2008

Plan To Straighten Out Entire Life During Weeklong Vacation Yields Mixed Results – How’d they find out about my vacation?

YouTube – Marshall sets another World Record – Wow! Peter’s tearing it up…how come this didn’t happen when I retired?

Peering into the micro world – The Big Picture – – incredible photos of microscopic (mostly) natural objects

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Michael Crichton’s creative simplifications: “He said he removed complications from his life while writing by having exactly the same food at every meal, so he never had to waste time deciding what to eat.” Echoes of Flaubert?

Chip log – Wikipedia – Wow! The term “knot” comes from the act of tying a rope attached to a piece of wood overboard and watching how many “knots” in the rope passed by in a given amount of time.

oblong industries, inc. – the Minority Report science advisor has a company making the gestural interfaces reality.

The web in the world – great summary of current tangible, ubiquitous, and real-world computer interactions.

Rovio, a very cool remote (web) controlled webcam robot – not bad for $300!

The Associated Press: US swimmer Marshall sets unlikely world record – Congratulations Peter!