December 2008

“Brendan Walker is currently the world’s only Thrill Engineer.” – history: THRILL LABORATORY. I think that should be everybody’s title.

“We went and watched one Buster Keaton and one Charlie Chaplin movie per day,” he said. “What it did was confirmed our gut [instinct], which was that there’s nothing you can’t get across if you ripped away everything and could only do it visually.” – Andrew Stanton, director of WALL-E

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e2eMaterials produces petroleum-free, biodegradable composites from bamboo, kenaf, flax, and a soy resin.

Why we create economic bubbles – “For the price to track the fundamental value, says Noussair, ‘everybody has to know that everybody knows that everybody is rational.’ That

Birthday updates

On my homepage, I describe myself as a “28-year-old designer”. Sharp-eyed observers will notice that’s now inaccurate–I turned 29 on Sunday. So for the past few years I’ve logged in shortly after my birthday and updated the number manually. This morning I started to do that and remembered that last year I’d grown weary of…more

New Zealand here we come!

The fascinating story of how Roosevelt’s leaked battle plans influenced the course of World War II.

All (recent) issues of Bicycling magazine now online and searchable. Nice work Google!

HP packs its new laptop in a laptop bag – love the thought, though I wonder if it’s really less waste if you don’t want the bag.