January 2019

100-word utopias

Several years ago Kevin Kelly challenged people to describe a desirable and believable future world in 100 words. I didn’t get my submission in at the time but just found it again in my inbox: Ahmad Rosencrantz skated across the sky bridge toward the empathygrove. The flowers were glowing softly as they effused dharmabiotics to […]

Play and parent brains

A new study wired up parents and kids to watch their brains while they played together. Perhaps not surprisingly, things went better when the parents payed attention: Parents are neurally responsive to their infants during social play, and that, when the parent is more neurally responsive, the infant is more attentive. Or as it’s known […]

Cows vs. geeks

“Unlike the cow, we get better at making meat every single day” – Impossible Foods CEO Pat Brown Launched at a tech conference, naturally.