May 2014

Designing for imagination

Some [good thoughts about the future of books, reading, and the imagination]( > Looked at against richer media, it’s kind of amazing that books still exist at all. They don’t move. They can’t carry a tune. They’re simply not capable of the kind of visual beauty that we can get elsewhere in the media ecosystem… […]

Too busy to rest

Elizabeth Kolbert summarizes the new book [Overwhelmed]( with [a comparison to what John Maynard Keynes expected our society to become]( > By 2028, he predicted, the “standard of life” in Europe and the United States would be so improved that no one would need to worry about making money. “Our grandchildren,” Keynes reckoned, would work […]

Russia’s sci-fi strategist

On the heels of thinking about [design as politics]( comes an interesting [mention of Vladimir Putin’s close advisor Vladislav Surkov, who also happens to be a novelist]( > The Kremlin’s approach might be called “non-linear war,” a term used in a short story written by one of Putin’s closest political advisors, Vladislav Surkov, which was […]