September 2015

Theses of Technology

Some surprisingly good [theses of technology]( by [Alan Jacobs]( He’s really not a fan of [Kevin Kelly]( A few of my favorites: * To “pay” attention is not a metaphor: Attending to something is an economic exercise, an exchange with uncertain returns. * Mindfulness reduces mental health to a single, simple technique that delivers its […]

The impact of the future

I recently read an article bemoaning the recent spate of dystopian and utopian movies; arguing that by visualizing dire fictional situations and how those characters get out of them, we dull our responses to the real-world dangers all around us. Rather than learning helpful attitudes and strategies, we learn to be spectators. At least that’s […]

Research and believability in design

> I always believe in research. No matter what the subject matter is. You cannot do enough research, because so much believability will come out of what’s really there. – John Lasseter

Logic and the brain

Buzzfeed asked 12 scientists “[What is the one fact humanity needs to know](” if civilization was destroyed. Lots of good answers, but my favorite was from [psychologist Dean Burnett]( > People aren’t logical or rational by default, and it’s vitally important to remember this when trying to impart knowledge and guidance. Having some useful knowledge […]

All possible worlds

“If this is the best of all possible worlds, what are the others?” – [Voltaire, Candide](