Convenience => Less Value?

if we make something easier to do, does it make it less valuable? i recall lots of articles on how blogging has certainly increased the quantity of websites, while likely decreasing the quality. what you get is a bunch of people posting things that are self-indulgent, poorly-thought-out, and badly designed. take, for instance, this webpage. if i was publishing it via normal means (i.e. books, magazines), i would certainly make sure to check the spelling, fine-tune the type, and review my ideas myself and with others. but i will do no such thing for the sake of immediacy and, perhaps, the sake of doing it at all . . .

perhaps in the future we will need to differentiate content created for “artistic” purposes from that created for “communicative” purposes. already we’re seeing the convergence of movies/TV shows and commercials. the upcoming super bowl is viewed by many simply for the commercials, which can be more entertaining than the game some years. maybe this is something the market can work out itself . . . anyway, this post would probably not fit in either category, so it may be a moot point . . . how about a “blathering crap” category?