I design new technology products

...innovative, opinionated, transformative products based on real people's stories and needs. My goal is to help people think about the future in new and exciting ways.

Currently working on Woven, an intelligent calendar, with a talented crew in Mountain View, CA.

At Google from 2005-2017, I led the user experience team for Google Glass, the platform design for the reimagined Hangouts Chat, Emerging Markets product design, design strategy for YouTube, and interaction design for AdSense.

Google Glass

I led the Glass user experience team for the first release of this innovative new device, building the team and responsible for interaction and visual design of the entire product.

Emerging Markets product design

In late 2010, I moved to Z├╝rich to start Google's Emerging Markets design team (with Lucia Terrenghi), focused on Africa, India, Southeast Asia, and Latin America. I led research trips, design workshops, and prototyping to discover new product opportunities for people in these markets.

YouTube vision

YouTube leads Salar Kamangar and Chad Hurley approached the UX team in 2009 to help envision what YouTube would--and could--look like in a year. I led this project with Margaret Stewart, including visual design explorations and product concept creation.

AdSense redesign

In 2007, Google's AdSense product was bursting at the seams. New ad products and over a million publishers were straining the service, which had been designed for a simpler experience. I led a redesign effort which overhauled the interface and redefined the product.