November 2002

Simulacra and Simulation

reading “Simulacra and Simulation” last night, i was intrigued by one of the thoughts. the argument was: if the simulation is good enough that it has symptoms of the original (for instance, a simulated illness producing a high temperature and nausea), it is then something in its own right. a fairly high-level concept, but one…more

Nigerian Riots

so the recent riots in nigeria got me wondering how people can use the right intentions to do the wrong things. over there, confusion over one journalist’s characterization of Mohammed caused rioting, murders, death and destruction. and all this was done by Muslims and Christians. obviously neither Islam nor Christianity teaches its adherents to respond…more

Bummin’ around

my websurfing today consisted of finding georgia tech’s wearable computing website and looking at a bunch of people who wear funny glasses and have ugly little computers hooked to their sides. in the meantime, lots of people were wondering where their next meal was going to come from, and how to have the best chance…more

Are we smart enough to use computers?

so the object is to create the next paradigm of computing . . . the first was using the raw power of the processor to do things faster than humans could–to extend the power of our brains. the next was to use the power of the internet to connect to people from all over the…more

How do i love let me count the ways . . .

why do i love so much? the other night i had some (rare) time off, and actually got a little bored. tv didn’t seem interesting, and my books are all still packed away from the recent move. i wanted something to quickly get me doing things i was interested in. amazon to the rescue–they…more

Yay! another weblog

though i can’t keep my own thoughts organized, or perhaps because of that, they’re going online. this will be interesting.