December 2002

Identity and Computing

went to a talk today by some hp engineers working on the “cooltown” project. basically its aim is to introduce pervasive and ubiquitous computing to entire communities at once, with their pre-setup system. it was actually pretty solid, with good thinking on privacy issues for once . . . almost every system i’ve seen so…more

The Rise and Fall of Skater Punks

one more thought for tonight. another of Mike Langberg’s predictions was that soon anyone who wanted to get in touch with us would be able to at any time and in any place, thanks to GPS tracking and global wireless communications. without being too Orwellian about it, this may not be all we’re hoping it…more

Computer as Concierge

was thinking today about the evolution of computers, prompted by my recent purchase of voice recognition software and the article today by Mike Langberg on the top 5 tech predictions for 2002. what struck me was that it’s about time for computers to shift into another paradigm. first we had computers as calculators: they could…more