January 2003

Cellphones with manners

Kyle sent me this article about IDEO designers creating prototypes of situation-considerate cell phones. among the concepts are phones that send electric shocks, use knocking as ringtones, and sport joysticks for nonverbal communication. all good concepts, and ones i finally understand having recently made the leap to my own cell phone. specifically, my ring tones…more

New Weblog

well, after hearing for a few weeks about this “movable type” format, i finally tracked it down and installed it myself. my old site is still hanging around No longer–thanks a lot, FeaturePrice. first impressions? very very cool–the future of the internet. more to come . . .

Convenience => Less Value?

if we make something easier to do, does it make it less valuable? i recall lots of articles on how blogging has certainly increased the quantity of websites, while likely decreasing the quality. what you get is a bunch of people posting things that are self-indulgent, poorly-thought-out, and badly designed. take, for instance, this webpage….more

Access Devices

it just occured to me that if i leave my cell phone off and just use it to call out, it becomes an “access device“–but if everyone does so, there may be nothing to “access” . . . d’oh!


i think a good name for the personal computing device of the future is “HeyBob”. that way you could, in the midst of conversation, say “HeyBob, what’s the capital of Sri Lanka?” it functions as a command for an application while fitting in with the natural flow of speech. plus, it immortalizes me by forcing…more