May 2003

Information Overload

In an ironic coincidence that is completely beyond my ability to make sense of right now, this morning’s web browsing turned up about 50 web pages that I HAD to read (equivalent to about 150 printed pages), and several of them talked about the overload of information today. Again, it’s Slashdot’s fault for getting me…more

Crime in a different time and place

Bonnie and Clyde met a different end, on this day in 1934, than many of our convicts today … no wonder this generation raised a slightly more temperate one in the 50s. “The woman was crumpled up on the seat, her head between her knees and a machine gun in her lap. Marrow, a smear…more

MY kind of “experience economy”

An intriguing quote from an upcoming PARC Forum: In an entertainment industry where 10 minutes of pleasure is our product, working artfully towards a new creation is key. A beer seminar addressing E = mc2, child development and Jackson Pollock awaits you! Peter Bouckaert, Brewmaster, New Belgium Brewing, Co. If I’ve got to sit through…more