August 2003

Good summary of location-based computing August Trends

Nations-Lite: “a light version of a country or society, like a Diet Coke, stripped of annoying ‘features’ like crime, bad weather and excessive taxes. Which leaves the good things like sun, nice villas and glittering shopping malls.” Counter-Googling: Using Google to research about your audience in order to serve them the most appropriate product and…more

A self-portrait a day, keeps drawing skill loss at bay

GRAVANITY, the intersection of graffiti and vanity

Cool Stanford site on “How Everyday Items are Made”–chocolate, jelly beans, etc.

Convergence of movies, their subjects, and their stars–“Freddy and Jason vs. Reese and Julia”

Philanthropic flash mob

IE-based non-IE browser

Clean blog/portfolio combo site

“You don’t do good design by committee”