October 2003

How to make Windows look nice

BrowserCam pics of ryskamp.org (new version)

BrowserCam takes snapshots of your site in multiple browsers

Movie to watch

Illustrated Calvino cities

Alphabet soup of web standards

It strikes me that similarities between xml and database structure are fairly common. This article at A List Apart explains the similarities and differences. The process of converting an XML document into something viewable by a browser (or into anything else) is handled by a “transformation language” called XSLT. Here’s a diagram: PDF XML syntax…more

Tim Berners-Lee on Design

Free web services

Techbargains RSS feed

Grand Boutique and Experience

Trendwatching.com’s newest trends are out, and the featured item is “Grand Boutique“. “Grand Boutique” describes how today a specifically-designed product is beyond a perk–it has become the standard. It’s a good trend for designers like myself, and echoes the sentiments of an author I heard speak recently, Virginia Postrel. Her new book argues that design…more