November 2003

VIM, a syntax-highlighting text editor (from UNIX)

John Dewey’s Writings – Education theorist, “Psychology of Effort”

Goonies cast not allowed to see pirate ship before shooting “The cast was not allowed to see the pirate ship before the scene was shot. When they did see it, some of the kids said “holy shit!” so the scene had to be re-shot without them cursing.”

Shel Silverstein wrote Johnny Cash’s “A Boy Named Sue” !

Weird Ideas That Work

this is a book

Log Validator – Easy validation for a website

Pivot weblog software (only PHP needed)

The Experience Economy

A book I talk about incessantly but have yet to read and have finally read. The progression of the economy: Commodity -> Product -> Service -> Experience -> Transformation. We are currently transitioning from service to experience; I am interested in designing for transformations.


A book by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, about controlling your focus and energy to enjoy the optimal psychological state. Happiness is a choice we must make, not an entitlement or a side effect of anything.

Talking Flash character-this is fun…