February 2004

The Long Road From Sudan to America

the electric sheep screen-saver

Is Effort Bias the term I’m searching for?

Lessons from JFK

I’m watching JFK: A Presidency Revealed, and there are a number of lessons to be gleaned.

Life Blogging

My contention is that…blogging is so far the only widespread computing tool that acknowledges its user is a human being in the real world. Despite the best efforts of our fast-forward culture, we can still be in only one place and do only one thing at a given time. We move through the world one step at a time, constantly changing and building on what has come before…Yet our computing tools still present our information to us all at once.

Robert Wright and Robert Pollack – 18 minutes, Pollack explains why understanding everything is impossible and contradictory

Robert Wright and Steven Pinker – good stuff around 40 minute mark about moral imperatives

Preview Plastik

The Futurist Manifesto