May 2004

♫ – Another cool symbol; where are these coming from, and where’s a comprehensive list?

graphicPUSH – Capturing and Optimizing Screenshots for Print – the “vector” section is especially good for creating picture-perfect images

css Zen Garden: The Beauty in CSS Design – a visually-3d style; why don’t we see more top-down 3d view in webpages? – cross-browser background image opacity, CSS-only, single images.

The ThrashBox – Semantically correct CSS rounded corners on boxes

sorttable: Make all your tables sortable – i don’t think this works in Safari, but it seems to in Mozilla–why?

Standardice – Mimicking Magazines in CSS, something I’m planning on trying soon; I like the “table of contents” especially, that’s something the web is way behind on…

IE ScrollTable – amazing, lets you scroll tbody elements in internet explorer, with a fixed header!

blosxom :: the zen of blogging — blosxom is the real movabletype killer, with the ability to create static pages

EditCSS and User-Styled Sites

I’ve never gotten much into the idea of user style sheets–the idea of which is to use a CSS file on your computer to override the style of the sites you visit–because so many sites are developed using proprietary styles and colors for the layout and display. By overriding them, you rarely see pages the…more