June 2004

Virtual Self-Storage

This sentence in the recent Trendwatching newsletter made me sit up and take notice: TRENDWATCHING.COM expects services like Gmail to morph into the digital equivalent of self storage spaces now found in most big cities. That’s what’s really going on today–people are using the internet as their own personal storage unit, but one with limitless…more

MacThemes.net | Reviews – great themes

Better OmniGraffle web architecture stencils

More people building crazy stupid stuff – awesome…

Pistons win despite having no superstar

Edge 70 – David Gelertner blows my mind; “lifestreams” like life blogging…

:: Bobulate :: IA Case Studies

Amazing evocative sketch from PA – accentuate humans, fade rest; just like our brains do.

Boxes and Arrows: Opening Pandora’s Box: Special Deliverable #1 – first in a series; very good for consulting design projects, exactly what you need to show clients

Rolex Awards for Enterprise – amazing approtech beauty!