August 2004

OS X Panther Theme for T616

Close-to-semantic Flash text replacement – for designer-spec’d fonts

Empire Hotel // Llandudno, North Wales, UK – uses valid Flash embedding code

( Justwatchthesky ) Neubix Phone Theme – for t616

Web Site Usability

The first book read from my [book binge](book-binge-2004), and the only one related to my current job, Web Site Usability seems at first glance to be an obsolete volume on web design. Published in 1997, before I even knew how to use the web, it uses example sites that are obviously dated and possess primitive…more

gapingvoid: how to be creative – lots of emphasis on long, hard work; not “overnight sensations”

Bruce Mau Design – Incomplete Manifesto – lots on autotelic design, forcing yourself into creative situations, growth as a designer

View “Full Source” in IE – the dynamic code the browser is currently displaying, not just the source