October 2004

Boxes and Arrows: All watched over by machines of loving grace: Some ethical guidelines for user experience in ubiquitous-computing settings [1] – Adam Greenfield on the rise of smart objects and how to design their interactions to “do no harm”

Clay Shirky says free content will trump micropayments – I’ve always thought that you can’t expect to sell freely-duplicable digital content; rather you should use give away your existing creations for free and expect to be paid to create custom new creations for others.

Jon Udell on the myth of the One True Device – he also argues that what we love is the information, not the interface; once you can decouple the two, people will choose the best interface for each situation to get their information.

Human Universal Traits – from The Blank Slate, traits found in all human cultures

BASEMENT.ORG: Rich Internet Applications – web applications are about the information, not the interface; the direction is away from browser interfaces and toward embedding that information in other products (computer and otherwise…)

Unique gifts that help end world hunger | Heifer International

Opportunity cost – Wikipedia

Broken Window Theory – via a discussion about fixing broken windows in HTML at SVN

LinkStuff.org – to help anyone create Flash maps like the ones Ben Fry makes and WIRED publishes static