January 2005

IT Conversations: Distance Infrastructure – Accelerating Change 2004 – audio

Peter Drucker on leadership and purpose

GTD Paper Planner Templates

a million monkeys typing >> Where GTD Falls Short – it fails to “be human”, by quantifying everything and behaving like a computer, which is why uber-geeks love it. But Covey-esque life managment is deeper and healthier, he says…

SyncNotes – Your notes. Anywhere. Anyhow.

Some GTD pages to check out later: Marc’s Outlook on Productivity, How to Save the World,

Longhorn Developer Center Home: Longhorn Concept Videos – incredible stuff, way better than I had imagined!

Paint.NET – like free Photoshop!

Art: Martin Wattenberg – more by the music visualization guy; he also did the “map of the market”

The Shape of Song – Martin Wattenberg’s visualization of songs repeating; Madonna’s “Like a Prayer”, Bach’s Goldberg Variations, etc.