February 2005

Paul Ekman. Ph.D : Training CDs – train yourself to recognize people’s subtle facial expressions, to avoid those moments of “momentary autism”

George Lakoff — 3 types of emotion are necessary to change the world: 1) Emotional, gets you going; 2) Compassionate, keeps you going; 3) Cognitive, helps you help effectively.

Between birth and age 5, half your neurons die! That’s how you learn, when the unused neural pathways die off. Important to early on expose your children to the full range of emotions and experiences you want them to be able to feel.

Why do we respect those with similar beliefs as our own, even if we’re not related? Because their genes are likely similar to ours if we ended up in the same place?

Face: “Furless canvas of self-expression” (William Hurlbut)

Paul Ekman – There are 23 distinct emotions; 16 types of enjoyment

George Lakoff – “We understand the world in terms of what our body can do”

Emotions come from events, so to express them, tell a story about the event; don’t try to describe the emotion, it’s too difficult (Paul Ekman)

Fast Company | French Hours – work through lunch sometimes, and some late nights, but not all the time–and you’ll have a chance at a remarkable product instead of “the usual”: “If we get too comfortable, if everything is business as usual, it can be hard to create something remarkable.”

All Work, No Play? It Doesn’t Pay. – you should seek to maximize workers’ happiness, not their immediate ‘productivity’: “In a business world ever more reliant on its real intellectual property — that is, people — taking care of those folks over a longer time horizon will always be a winning strategy. Even if it…more