March 2005

Many-to-Many: EVDB Goes Live – $2.1M for something like an ugly E@S? What is going on…

metacool: metacool Thought of the Day – “Anyone developing new products and new technology needs one characteristic above all else: hope.” – James Dyson

Where Faith is Hard

“So where faith is easy, it is fading; where it’s a challenge, it thrives.” Nicholas Kristof on Easter in Africa This would normally be just a Psst! link, but I think it’s far more deserving than that. Convenience reduces value, indeed.

About Design – Great Quotations – “Work without vision is drudgery. Vision without work is self-deception.” -Ernest Holmes

Ask E.T.: Sidenotes v footnotes – Tufte argues against automatic sidenoting; but if they were smart enough…a way to fill the copious extra space on blogs and widescreen monitors…

Delicious Linkbacks – like webwide comments

Convert PDF to HTML or txt online free! – embeds formatting and background images into blogs posts it recognizes as a certain type (book review, movie listing, calendar event, etc). Better to do this automatically by scraping data than by requiring people to write in structured ways, I say…

Jon Udell: PubSub’s structured blogging initiative – why design mockups matter: “If we ever get a virtuous cycle going around this stuff, it’ll only happen because people see things they want to imitate. Appearance matters.”