July 2005

Notes from The Second Coming – A Manifesto

David Gelernter has been through a lot, from inventing computer languages and forecasting the WWW to suffering a misguided Unabomber blast. This manifesto, written in 2000, is already beginning to come true… * Google’s on the right track, basing their model on the world’s best “collection of information”. > 9 The computing future is based…more

Yes, You Can Buy Happiness – Forbes.com – what it costs to make up the happiness lost from life events; implies the happiest way to be is married, white and female. Hmm…

Business 2.0 :: Magazine Article :: In Front :: The Dismal Science Measures the Meaning of Life – Switzerland and Colombia are tied for the “happiest” countries on earth despite being only the 4th and 45th richest, respectively; the US is just 14th-most happy despite being 2nd richest; Luxembourg is richest yet still just 5th…more

Jim Wallis Baccalaureate at Stanford echoing a Hopi saying: “When people would complain, as they often do, that we don’t have any leaders today, or ask where are the Martin Luther Kings now? – Lisa would get angry. And she would declare these words: ‘We are the ones we have been waiting for!’”

Wide Awake Living “Become the peace that you seek.” – Mahatma Gandhi

“Fighting poverty is a moral value.” – Jim Wallis

“A budget is a moral document.” – Jim Wallis

“God is personal, but never private.” – Jim Wallis

“The best way to find common ground is to move to higher ground.” – Jim Wallis

“Churches ask for the edges of our lives and that