September 2005

How to invent a better screw – “The screw is so simple and cheap–most cost less than a penny apiece to make–that it has been easier to design around its deficiencies than to come up with a better model. But LeVey, 40, says he was “too dumb”to listen to naysayers; with his name on 19…more

How Smart Is Yahoo! Search?: Financial News – Yahoo! Finance – Yes, “the Google” would lose a big customer – “A Microsoft purchase of AOL would have an immediate negative impact on Google, since AOL is among the Google’s biggest customers.”

Genius at Work “The worst thing about being poor is what it does to your spirit,” says Strickland, “not just your wallet. I wanted to build something that would give the people who come here a vision of what life could be, to create an environment that says that life is good.”

3G Simple Cell-Phones

Henry David Thoreau Quotes – “Being is the great explainer”

Compy 386! – “The internet is a place where absolutely nothing happens. You need to take advantage of that”.

bookofjoe: Apple Slicer %u2014 With a twist – best apple slicer

Pote / The Online Text Editor – very cool, very simple text editor