October 2005

The “all-direction vehicle” – sweet!

ABC.com: American Inventor – cool sounding show, makes scientists the cool ones! Dean Kamen would be proud…

Star Wars Halloween Masks – Forbes.com – Larry and Sergey masks

Edge: TURING’S CATHEDRAL by George Dyson – Science fiction writer Simon Ings: “When our machines overtook us, too complex and efficient for us to control, they did it so fast and so smoothly and so usefully, only a fool or a prophet would have dared complain.”

Edge: TURING’S CATHEDRAL by George Dyson – Alan Turing: “Intellectual activity consists mainly of various kinds of search.” – 1948

Edge: TURING’S CATHEDRAL by George Dyson – John Von Nuemann’s computer – “Uses which are likely to be the most important are by definition those which we do not recognize at present because they are farthest removed from our present sphere.”

Archive of American Television Interview with Fred Rogers Part 2 of 9 – Google Video – “Until television became such a tool for selling, it was a fabulous medium for education. that’s what i had always hoped that it would be.”

Henri Nouwen – Journey to L’Arche – how he moved to a community of physically- and mentally-disabled people and found home

Fred Rogers commencement address at Middlebury

Dartmouth News – Fred McFeely Rogers 2002 Commencement Address at Dartmouth College – 06/09/02