March 2006

“G/localization: When Global Information and Local Interaction Collide” – “We have all sorts of local cultures connected through a global network, resulting in all sorts of ugly tensions. Designers who work with networks must face these tensions and design to take advantage of the global while not destroying the local.”

WORDPLAY/Columns/06. Crap-plus-One – “‘Crap-plus-one’ isn’t really worth aspiring to. And it’s not much of a career strategy.” – Tim Elliot

Genometri – Genovate – Software – fascinating software generates thousands of design tweaks to choose from

Makita Autofeed Screwdriver | Uncrate – the world’s coolest power tool…like a machine gun…

Kona Invites You to “Adopt an AfricaBike” – Forums

American Beliefs: Evolution vs. Bible’s Explanation of Human Origins – half of Americans don’t believe in evolution, choosing creationism instead

Kiva – fantastic microfinance idea; loaning directly to the individual entrepreneurs (and run by Matt Flannery!)

south by southwest festivals conferences – mp3s of many of the sessions… – Google Video

Danny Hillis’ new interweb company, Metaweb technologies