August 2006

:::: : Solomon’s Porch – A Holistic, Missional, Christian Community in Minneapolis, Minnesota : :::::

so what’s with this emerging church? on Squidoo – ietab: index – gotta install | 08/17/2006 | Sheriff plans crack down on bicyclists breaking road rules – idiotic sheriff’s department doesn’t understand the rules of the road

Google Product Releases | Yahoo Without Motto | Angela Merkel Video Blog? | Google Coupons? – what happens when you don’t have a clear company mission…even the CEO doesn’t know it.

Seth Godin at Gel 2006 – Google Video

Red Cross Store – emergency kit, probably pick up a couple

American Red Cross- Food and Water in an Emergency – great tips; print out and save

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Rwanda: archive special – amazing and tragic; stories written live during the genocide; motivation for me to work every day.