November 2006

NEED Magazine – about world humanitarian efforts

Psst! – where I am in my periodic review…

Scott Adams on noticing funny things – “As a professional humorist, I read the news differently than you do. I

3 Silverlit Picco Z XRotor RTF Electric RC Mini Helicopters Version 2 (3 Channels and 3 Colors) – cool new aero-ace-style helicopters

Flickr: Camera Finder – see what cameraphones people are using for Flickr

SF Neighborhoods – A Local’s Guide for Visiting or Moving to San Francisco – finally, a good map and description of SF

Michael Michalko on idea quotas and Edison – “Thomas Edison guaranteed productivity by giving himself and his assistants idea quotas. His own personal quota was one minor invention every 10 days and a major invention every six months.”

The Business Innovation Insider: Michael Michalko on creativity and innovation – good idea-generation games–idea lottery, idea quotas, “yes, and” brainstorming tactic, etc

Idea lottery – IDEA LOTTERY. Have a monthly “idea lottery,” using a roll of numbered tickets. Each time a person comes up with a creative idea, he or she receives a ticket. At the end of each month, share the ideas with the staff and then draw a number from a bowl. If the number…more

leather wrap journal – Google Search – good search to find other leather wrap journals (no kidding, eh?)