January 2007

Dapper – AJAX-ified scraper app turns any site into XML…

Filmmaking and truth

A friend and I talked recently about his filmmaking and the way to create things of beauty. We discussed the interesting observation that things which don’t present strong opinions, and instead choose to mirror the world exactly without bias, can be more compelling than those pushing a strong point of view. Another friend, the best…more

Introducing the brand new Jawbone Bluetooth headset – beautiful and elegant use–definitely the one to get!

SimpleGTD : Organize your stuff online – another cool new to-do list

Hiveminder – Get busy! – cool new to-do list

TIM HARFORD | The Global Challenge of Corporate Governance – great summary of differential pricing, price discrimination, and more

Tibet: Cry of the Snow Lion – Google Video

Tibet Press Kit – like Asimov’s First and Second Foundations? “For centuries our best minds, our saints and our philosophers concentrated all their time and energy to understanding the nature of the mind. And who can say which would really matter in the end–the landing on the moon or the understanding of the mind?” –…more

Nieman Reports – Winter 2006 – about newspapers in the digital age…