April 2007

Space Shot: Genzyme Center, Cambridge, MA – “Still, although there’s more actual space here–350,000 square feet–there’s less personal space. Genzyme…opted to create more common areas, as a means of boosting the site’s collaborative potential. ‘Most of the employees don’t sit at their desks from 9 to 5…the whole building was created around the idea of…more

Flight Plan – DayJet – Ed Iacobucci – Complexity Science – “We’re dealing with a problem where the problem specification itself is changing as you go along,” Sawhill says. “You no longer want to find the best solution–you want to be living in a space of good solutions, so when the problem changes, you’re still…more

gladwell.com: Enron and Newspapers – “But I think we should also recognize what the Enron case tells us about the value of newspaper journalism. Maybe, in other words, we have underestimated the value of impartial, professionally-motivated, under-paid and overworked generalists in tackling the kind of information-rich, analysis-dependent

Slashdot | Chimps Evolved More Than Humans – yeah, but humans evolved *better*…not all innovation is valuable…

Adobe Tour Tracker – 2007 Tour De Georgia – Tour de Georgia being tracked with live video and images just like the Tour of California was!

UPS Pressroom: Advertising – beautiful lightweight, *conversational* ads…with whiteboards

Secret Bookcase Doors | Bookcase with Doors – Woodfold – oh man, I’ve got to get me some of these…

The new news

Today was the first time [Facebook](http://facebook.com) was my source of (unfortunately sad) [news](http://news.google.com/?ncl=1115426346&hl=en). Then I read in Fast Company [Mark Zuckerberg’s comment](http://www.fastcompany.com/magazine/115/open_features-hacker-dropout-ceo_3.html) that “We’re actually producing more news in a single day for our 19 million users than every other media outlet has in their entire existence.” Who needs the AP when you have social…more

Welcome to Syntactica – cool concept for automatically summarizing websites