August 2007

Gorgeous photo of the ocean – I want this 6 feet tall on my wall. Pretty much the opposite of the Tokyo wave pool link.

Tokyo wave pool packed beyond capacity – Stop the ride, I want to get off.

Cannondale folding bicycle – Cycle-Licious – Sooo….hotttt. Enclosed drivetrain, single-side fork and rear stays, folding in the middle, saddle on a beam. Please manufacture this, Cannondale.

“No building ever feels right to the people in it unless the physical spaces (defined by columns, walls, and ceilings) are congruent with the social spaces (defined by activities and human groups).” – A Pattern Language

Management Methods | Management Models | Management Theories – like a full MBA on a single page. Yikes.

Notes from The World According to Sesame Street

[The World According to Sesame Street]( is an interesting movie about creating localized Sesame Street versions in other countries. It also serves as an inspirational story about the power of communication to change and start positive memes, and thereby improve the world of the children who experience it. > Our mission at Sesame Workshop is…more

Sanders Says: Rehearse the future = “Horst Rechelbacher, the founder of personal care product maker Aveda, has a great way of leveraging meditation to sharpen his business effectiveness…He believes that when you internally account for a day’s activities it enhances your ability to be more mindful in the future…he’s able to keep a perspective about…more

designverb – Tunnel House – just, wow. A conceptual art installation in a house scheduled to be demolished.

Bearskinrug, The Homepage – really beautiful blog; of course doing custom illustrations for each post helps…

The real problem with software – “No matter how cool your software is you still use it on a computer, which is fundamentally kinda boring. I’ve compensated for this a little by working in mobile, so at least you can use my stuff outside. But if you’re outside why not climb a tree or something…more