November 2007

Quotes on money and possessions

A few quotes from Less is More that are shaping my thinking: You possess only whatever will not be lost in a shipwreck. – Al-Ghazali, 12th cent. Is it really wise to be always guarding against future misfortune? Is it prudent to lose all enjoyment of the present through thinking of the disasters that may…more

United Nuclear – Aerogel – buy it online, in powder or block form. Powder is much less expensive; what can you do with it?

Provisional Application for Patent – $100 buys you a year to sell your idea…

Advice on licensing product ideas – “I

Kids’ paper prototypes for laptops – I want kids to design all my products…

Notes from Chuck Jones – Extremes and Inbetweens

A fun portrait (Netflix ) of the famed Warner Bros. director Chuck Jones, creator of Road Runner & Coyote, Pepe le Peu, and more. “Smear drawings” – using “smeared” frames to transition from one view to another view; a form of “limited animation”, e.g. not drawing every single frame realistically – 14:45 Don’t give up:…more

Canvas Vertical Sling For MacBook Pro : Incase Products – cool laptop bag

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New brain findings

The Medici Effect tipped me off to the benefit of reading magazines from other fields during plane flights. Several things I picked up from an issue of Psychology Today picked up for my plane trip yesterday (not online so I can’t link to it directly): Dreams may be a way for our minds to practice…more

Guano Islands Act – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia – wonderful, the U.S. passed a law allowing it to take possession of any unoccupied islands in the world, as long as they’re covered in bird poop.