November 2007

Quotes on money and possessions

A few quotes from [Less is More]( that are shaping my thinking: > You possess only whatever will not be lost in a shipwreck. – Al-Ghazali, 12th cent. > Is it really wise to be always guarding against future misfortune? Is it prudent to lose all enjoyment of the present through thinking of the disasters…more

United Nuclear – Aerogel – buy it online, in powder or block form. Powder is much less expensive; what can you do with it?

Provisional Application for Patent – $100 buys you a year to sell your idea…

Advice on licensing product ideas – “I

Kids’ paper prototypes for laptops – I want kids to design all my products…

Notes from Chuck Jones – Extremes and Inbetweens

A fun portrait ([Netflix]( ) of the famed Warner Bros. director Chuck Jones, creator of Road Runner & Coyote, Pepe le Peu, and more. “Smear drawings” – using “smeared” frames to transition from one view to another view; a form of “limited animation”, e.g. not drawing every single frame realistically – 14:45 Don’t give up:…more

Canvas Vertical Sling For MacBook Pro : Incase Products – cool laptop bag

New brain findings

[The Medici Effect]( tipped me off to the benefit of [reading magazines from other fields during plane flights](,M1). Several things I picked up from an issue of Psychology Today picked up for my plane trip yesterday (not online so I can’t link to it directly): * Dreams may be a way for our minds to…more

Guano Islands Act – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia – wonderful, the U.S. passed a law allowing it to take possession of any unoccupied islands in the world, as long as they’re covered in bird poop.