January 2008

In Africa, mobile phone minutes are used as currency in many places.

BigCarrot – start your own X-prize…

Skooba Design :: Superbungee Strap : Travel Accessory – cool stretchy replacement strap for sling bags

What I learned in 2007

Yeah, it’s a few weeks late. But 2007 was quite a year–it took some digesting. ### Marriage is great 2007 was the first full calendar year I was married. It was great. Every day feels like I’m getting away with something too good to be true. ### 28 feels older You know how people always…more

bookofjoe: Slippery Low-Friction Tape – looks like fun

FreedomFiler – a good way to organize personal files? Could some of the principles apply to digital organization as well?

Netflix: Flex To The Max – “And what happens when someone doesn’t live up to expectations? ‘At most companies, average performers get an average raise,’ says Hastings. ‘At Netflix, they get a generous severance package.’ Why? Because Hastings believes that otherwise managers feel too guilty to let someone go.”

Bonobos Store :: active styles :: clarks – a pants startup. This is what you get when you encourage MBAs to start companies…at least they’re cool pants.

Portfolio – Crossbreed folding bicycle wheel – not sure how inflatable tires would work, but interesting.