May 2008

Now the ethanol frenzy is making high-fructose corn syrup and movie tickets more expensive. I wondered while reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma if the environment would end up forcing us to be healthier…looks like it might.

More from Luminale 2008

Photos from Luminale 2008, an artistic festival of lights across the city of Frankfurt.

The Littlest Big Bang | Popular Science – one theory of the universe is that it is a 3d world suspended in a 4d superstructure…so what might that 4d structure be?

The Write Stuff? | Popular Science – very cool pen that records and transcribes your writing, and also records audio in 3d via two earbuds you wear!

Alien activity in Africa? – nope, just salt ponds. Wild colors though…

For those (like me) suffering from disaster fatigue: the China earthquake really hurt and the news keeps getting worse. Deny your fatigue a bit by donating for relief.

“Prayer is not introspection…Prayer is the presentation of our thoughts to the One who receives them, sees them in the light of unconditional love, and responds to them with divine compassion.” – Henri Nouwen. One neo-interpretation of prayer is as simply a meditative, time-boxed personal practice; Nouwen rejected that, seeing it as a constant conversation.

Crocs Santa Cruz – crocs comfort + canvas casual

“Today, a person standing on the observation deck of the Empire State Building on a cloudless night would be unable to discern much more than the moon, the brighter planets, and a handful of very bright stars–less than one per cent of what Galileo would have been able to see without a telescope.” – The…more