May 2008

“The argument is that divisionalization allows you to have general managers who then make operating decisions that are fast moving. The problem with that is if the customer wants an integrated experience it now looks like they’re looking at a federated experience.” – Eric Schmidt

Nick Bostrom’s home page – more from the futurist who hopes we don’t find life on Mars.

WorldChanging: Don’t Just Be the Change, Mass-Produce It – the designer’s role in sustainability?

Doodles: A Really Giant Coloring and Doodling Book – very cool concept: don’t just color inside the lines, draw on top!

Notes from Subject to Change

Perhaps more aptly titled “Things Adaptive Path has been thinking about”, [_Subject to Change_]( doesn’t really hold together as a book but offers good, concise, somewhat-related essays about design practices. The book offers some good descriptions of the research and design methods currently in vogue. As an introduction to the field for beginning designers, researchers,…more

Feel-good story of the day: World-famous violinist plays in Newark airport parking lot

Why it’s good news if we don’t find evidence of life on Mars – it would mean we have a chance of future life on Earth.

WWJ Newsradio 950 – Creative Economy Gets Access to State Tax Credits – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Michigan is past due for a major creative revitalization. All that talent and infrastructure could be very powerful…if they could just fix that snow problem.

Hulu – Pet Chow: Saturday Night Live – hilarious!