March 2010

Bear McCreary event at Google

Here’s the Bear McCreary talk at Google that I mentioned earlier. Great stuff.

A bicycle built for 5

[A family of 5 is cycling across the country](, from Kentucky to Florida to San Diego to Alaska, on a 5-person bicycle. They’re currently in California…maybe I’ll see them on the road?

Coasting bikes dropped

Bummer. I liked the concept and the bikes; my one worry was that at $500-$700 the bikes were too expensive for their target usage.

Jonathon Keats

My new favorite artist. Selected projects include: copyrighting his mind, paintings by trees, a mobile ringtone based on John Cage’s 4’33”, a travel documentary for houseplants, and an antimatter bank. That, folks, is divergent thinking.

Dilbert on career growth

This is roughly my strategy too.

Crazy Pete’s

You would think that by the age of 30 I would be able to resist the siren song of a road called “Crazy Pete’s“, which features a hand-painted wooden sign and dwindles to a poorly-marked cow path within a quarter mile, especially when I was on my road bike. You would think that, but you…more

The stock media distributed community

My favorite thing about working with stock image and music sites is seeing the same photo you used for a project show up in someone else’s work, or hearing the music you’ve repeated endlessly while editing a video project pop up in a commercial on tv. It’s like being part of a big community of…more

Winter Paralympics photos

These are some of the coolest photos (and sports!) I’ve ever seen. How’d you like to do the giant slalom blindfolded? Or on one leg? Or seated on one ski?

Designing movies (and sounds) for your brain

Apparently [film editors have gravitated toward a consistent pattern for shot length in major films over the years](, repeating shots of a few given lengths much more often than in the past. > “According to the new report, the basic shot structure of the movies, the way film segments of different lengths are bundled together…more

When process is the point

“The process of making is the point of it. The object looks good if the process felt good.” – Origami artist, [Between the Folds](