September 2010

Going to space changes you

> One hundred twenty-five astronaut autobiographies, interviews, and oral histories were content analyzed and scored for references to values (Schwartz, 1992). The current study extended methods tested in 2 pilot studies of space veterans from many nations, of both sexes, and with different experiences within the history of human spaceflight. Value references reflected a high…more

Help people help you

Elad Gil wrote a great piece on how to benefit from your investors, but I think the advice holds true for getting help from any advisor. I know friends who have a personal “board of advisors”, and others who schedule regular checkins with their mentors.

Playtime 101

Sometimes adults need help with this: > This week thirty of us have promised to keep a daily crayon journal, build a fort or play with bubbles, and go out of our way to notice and welcome any children we see. I love ReIMAGINE.

Mark Pincus on making everyone CEOs

Some really interesting stuff in [this interview with the Zynga founder]( > One thing I did at my second company was to put white sticky sheets on the wall, and I put everyone’s name on one of the sheets, and I said, “By the end of the week, everybody needs to write what you’re C.E.O….more

For the man who has everything: Carbon Fiber Toilet Seat.

Work/life “balance” seems less like an arrangement of two objects than an understanding of how to prioritize all the parts of life when they conflict. Less a schedule, more a decision-making tool.

Content and context

> What is context? It’s the operating framework in which the content occurs — the goal, one might say. For example, the design of the Apollo lunar module was content. The goal of landing a man on the moon in nine years was the context. You will get a completely different result from engineers working…more

YouTube time machine

Pick a year and see what was recorded then. Here are videos from the year I was born.. Looks like I just missed out on the last solar eclipse to hit North America for 38 years.

For people to listen to you, they have to trust you, and that requires you spend a lot of time listening to them first.

Globe Genie

There’s something really magical about this; jump to a random eye-level view of almost any street in the world: Globe Genie – Joe McMichael.