October 2010

The Desk

Several creative people talk about their desks. Lots of different approaches, from Einstein’s clutter to Massimo Vignelli’s minimalism. “I like to start the day fresh. If I start the day with things left over, it’s like starting dinner with leftovers — it kills your appetite.” – Massimo Vignelli

A beautiful mess

Beautiful work by Dentsu London and Linden Gledhill for Canon: Here’s how they did it.

London Futures

Some fantastic images of a future London where climate change has wreaked havoc. Really compelling design work.

Sounds like a country song

Yesterday, I lost my house, my job, my wife left me, and I went hungry. I finally understand country music. Ok, so technically we moved out of our house on the way to Switzerland, I finished my project at work with a presentation to the founders, my wife went on a 1-day trip, and I…more