November 2010

The “I betta pass my neighbour” generator

Fascinating discovery of the day, over Chinese food with a group in Lagos: the most popular electric generator here is called the “I betta pass my neighbour“, alluding to the fact that having one propels you socially above your neighbour who has none. A uniquely Nigerian take on “[keeping up with the Joneses](”. You can…more

A man of value

> Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value. – [Albert Einstein](

Kramer the movie expert

I use this as an example all the time for how people really want to search. YouTube – Kramer the movie expert [Seinfeld S7E08] Moviephone.

The Aero Ace lives!

…in Europe, under the name Silverlit X-Twin Mini Biplane 2. Time for a trip to the UK, I’d say…

Identifying peak moments

I’ve long been a proponent of [designing experiences for peak moments](–after all, that’s what you’ll remember about them later. But personally it makes sense to spend some time identifying what your own peak moments have been, in the hope of discovering how to experience more of them. The articles [Peak Moments](×5/peak-moments/) and [Peak Creative Moments](…more