March 2011

Virtual travel through sound

Like the [“one-minute vacations”]( I [previously discovered](, the Radio Aporee project collects ambient audio clips from around the world and plays them while displaying satellite photos of the location. They even have [an Android app]( so you can take the experience mobile, and make your own recordings. I like to record ambient audio and video…more

Peter Drucker on priorities

> Develop your priorities and don’t have more than two. I don’t know anybody who can do three things at the same time and do them well. Do one task at a time or two tasks at a time. That’s it. OK, two works better for most. Most people need the change of pace. But,…more

Leadership lessons

At a high level, I think leadership still comes down to what I previously observed: [know your stuff, and be a good person]( But there are a few specific practices I’ve learned from great leaders and discovered to be helpful myself: * *Ask people what they think you should do* – Regularly go to your…more

How to sketch

[A nice introduction to sketching from the HowToons crew](

Screens everywhere

Very clever – an RFID card with built-in E-Ink display. Tapping the card on a reader charges and updates the display as well. The future is screens everywhere…

The evolution of sport

What do you get when you mash up downhill skiing and hockey? Crashed Ice. All sports will be like this in the future. Especially cycling.

My favorite songs

I finally put together a sharable playlist of my favorite music from the past few years. No particular theme or criteria; but at some point I went completely nuts for each of these songs. To paraphrase the [Dos Equis spokesman](, “I don’t always listen to music, but when I do, I listen to a single…more

Watching the thrill

What thrill looks like. Thrill [documented]( by Brendan Walker, [one of my design heroes](

My design heroes

A while back, on the advice of a mentor, I started intentionally following the work and careers of a few designers that I admired. It’s been fascinating to see how they approach projects, and to try their methods and principles in my own design work. Although I currently work as a software designer, only a…more

How to pick a market

Elad Gil has a good post on choosing a market for your business. My design process is all about people…once I choose a market. Definitely the first step to understand and decide.