July 2011

‪A Day In The Life of John Lasseter

Really cool insights into how Pixar, and John specifically, makes the magic. 5 things I noticed: * The teams applaud after every successful review, even the short daily ones. * John sees himself as the head “cheerleader” for his film crew, and his personality reflects that. Even negative feedback is done with positive reinforcement for…more

I like California winters better when they don’t happen during Swiss summers. Wet and cold in late July!

Beans and Noses

> One piece of advice I keep coming back to is about managing expectations. It came from an old friend, just a few days after I’d started my consulting practice. He was a seasoned consultant himself and I had asked him what I should know, just starting out. > He told me his First Rule…more

The design long game

> Look at the long game. There are no seasons in design, it is a continuum of minor successes. Measure your success by the ability to rise after numerous defeats. – [Chris Bangle](http://www.fuelyourproductdesign.com/chris-bangle-on-being-a-better-design-leader/)