August 2011

Where we live

[This will have to tide me over]( until [Samsara]( premieres. I wish I had 4-dimensional HDR eyes.

The God feed

This visualization of [what the internet might look like in its entirety, across time]( is pretty cool. And as he titles it, could be what the universe looks like across time as well.

Minute by minute

A Norwegian cruise line [filmed their entire 134-hour coastal cruise](, dubbed “The World’s Most Beautiful Sea Voyage”, and put it online. Not bad ambient entertainment…


> A book read by a thousand different people is a thousand different books. – [Andrei Tarkovsky](, director of Solaris.

Cycling in Europe

Some of you have asked me what it’s like. This pretty much sums it up:

The Image of the Future

> The rise and fall of images of the future precedes or accompanies the rise and fall of cultures. As long as a society’s image is positive and flourishing, the flower of culture is in full bloom. Once the image begins to decay and lose its vitality, however, the culture does not long survive. –…more

Co-design principles

[Some good perspectives on running design workshops]( from Adaptive Path. I especially liked the reminder to set the context: > Knowing what’s going on is the gateway to empowered participation. To this end, there is nothing wrong with stating what you might assume is obvious to the people present. And her closing bit: > When…more

Kevin Kelly’s faith

[Some pretty unique ideas, mixed with very traditional creeds]( As might be expected from one of the world’s foremost technology philosophers. > God has given us free will—true free will, not a phantom free will—and he wants us to surprise him. We are here to surprise God… > I seek to find those technologies that…more

A Swiss state of mind

Only a few of these resonate so far! You know you’ve been in Switzerland too long when..

Quick thoughts from “Make it So”

Nathan Shedroff and Chris Noessel presented a talk about learning from science fiction interfaces. A couple insights: * Visual concepts are incredibly powerful at setting expectations for products * But they don’t even need to be visual to have an impact: audio and behavioral examples can similarly shift expectations. For instance, R2D2 only beeps and…more