November 2011

Arabic tidbits

A friend explained some of the intricacies of Arabic to me the other night; I thought I’d write down the most striking aspects: * Status in the ancient Arab world was greatly influenced by your language abilities. Ancient heroes were language experts, not usually warriors or political leaders. * The Koran, in fact, was especially…more

Being digital

[Russell Davies talks about what comes after “digital”]( > The magic and silliness of the web can escape from behind the screen and spill into the world, sweeping away the pristine banality of mass consumer electronics in a tide of walking gonks and talking doorknobs. It’ll be stupid and brutal and glorious and fun. And…more


[It begins here:](!)

RoboKopter News

[These]( [two]( videos are the future of news, surveillance, and cinema. When everything is a camera, everything changes. Reminds me of scenes in science fiction, especially [The Dervish House]( and [Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom](

Notes from What Technology Wants

[Kevin Kelly’s long-awaited treatise on technology]( explores it as if it were sentient and willful. Thinking about what technology “wants”–what it is driving toward and which paths it prefers–is both a good way to understand why technologies work the way we do and to try to design better ones. My high-level takeaways, roughly reflected in…more

Judging a book by its highlights

Viewing [Kindle books ranked by number of highlights]( is pretty interesting. I assume the excerpt on the list page is the most highlighted passage in each, and it gives better insight into the book’s true theme and content than any “publisher’s description”.