November 2011

Arabic tidbits

A friend explained some of the intricacies of Arabic to me the other night; I thought I’d write down the most striking aspects: Status in the ancient Arab world was greatly influenced by your language abilities. Ancient heroes were language experts, not usually warriors or political leaders. The Koran, in fact, was especially notable due…more

Being digital

Russell Davies talks about what comes after “digital”: The magic and silliness of the web can escape from behind the screen and spill into the world, sweeping away the pristine banality of mass consumer electronics in a tide of walking gonks and talking doorknobs. It’ll be stupid and brutal and glorious and fun. And designers…more


It begins here:

RoboKopter News

These two videos are the future of news, surveillance, and cinema. When everything is a camera, everything changes. Reminds me of scenes in science fiction, especially The Dervish House and Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom.

Notes from What Technology Wants

Kevin Kelly’s long-awaited treatise on technology explores it as if it were sentient and willful. Thinking about what technology “wants”–what it is driving toward and which paths it prefers–is both a good way to understand why technologies work the way we do and to try to design better ones. My high-level takeaways, roughly reflected in…more

Judging a book by its highlights

Viewing Kindle books ranked by number of highlights is pretty interesting. I assume the excerpt on the list page is the most highlighted passage in each, and it gives better insight into the book’s true theme and content than any “publisher’s description”.