June 2012

How fresh legs feel

– [Floating bikes](http://www.faithistorment.com/2012/05/floating-photos-by-zhao-huasen.html)

Extremely simple and incredibly difficult

Great design is both extremely simple and incredibly difficult to achieve. Simple, because it requires only a very few activities–observing people and expressing ideas–and those are not very complicated to perform. There are certainly tricks of the trade, and more or less efficient ways of doing these things, but the core actions are not complex….more

Tour de Suisse tackles the P2HR

My “[Perfect 2-Hour Ride](http://app.strava.com/activities/2208066)” in Zürich looped around the Pfannenstiel, a climb that the Tour de Suisse went over in today’s time trial. I watched it online and it was cool to see professionals on the same roads I rode not long ago! Kreuziger descends from the Pfannenstiel: Kreuziger at the point [I took some…more

Make your own planet

A fun tool takes Google Streetviews and [morphs them into planet-like objects](http://notlion.github.com/streetview-stereographic/#o=.097,0,-.006,.995&z=1.938&mz=16&p=37.42718,-122.16710):

What kind of designer do I need?

I wrote up the following questions to help a friend at work think about his design needs: * Do you know the core user you’re designing for, and the top 2 or 3 ways your product will improve their lives? Do you think that combination will make a successful product? Could you [design the launch…more

Experiences and memories

> Our lives are governed by the remembering self. Even when we’re planning something, we anticipate the memories we expect to get out of it. The experiencing self, which may have to put up with a lot in return, has no say in the matter. Besides, what the experiencing self has enjoyed can be completely…more

Science | GotChocolateMilk.com

I love that [chocolate milk is now positioned as a sports drink](http://gotchocolatemilk.com/science#overview-1). I’ve [long been a fan](http://www.flickr.com/photos/bobman/7337699168/in/photostream/), actually…

How fairy tales help us think

>”Once upon a time.” Four words. I don’t need to say anything more, and yet you know at once what it is you’re about to hear. You may not know the precise contents. You may not recognize the specific characters. You may have little notion of the exact action that is about to unfold. But…more

Virtual Switzerland

[Some incredible videos of Switzerland](http://www.newlyswissed.com/?p=12467). My favorites are the [realtime HD video *hikes* through Graubunden](http://www.webwandern.ch/etappen/) (St. Moritz, Berninapass, etc). Amazing how just a click can bring me right back to the country!