October 2014

Utopia and its discontents

I’m a huge fan of Neal Stephenson, and also of his newest project [Hieroglyph](http://hieroglyph.asu.edu/), which aims to inspire future scientific breakthroughs with optimistic near-future science fiction. But I found two critiques of the approach quite compelling this week. First, Virginia Postrel (whose writing on design I’ve enjoyed in the past), writes that “[Peter Thiel Is…more

Think small

[A nice example of thinking small first](http://blog.fastmonkeys.com/2014/06/18/minimum-viable-product-your-ultimate-guide-to-mvp-great-examples/), similar to [Brandon Schauer’s Cake model](http://brandonschauer.com/post/3309932285/more-on-the-little-secret-to-product-planning-cupcakes).