December 2014

Why you feel so busy

[A good argument for why our culture can feel so rushed](, unifying individual perception, widening economic classes, new technologies, changes in parenting, politics, and more. Alas, no magic cure is mentioned. Why the rich often feel busier than the poor: > Ever since a clock was first used to synchronise labour in the 18th century,…more

Sitting quietly

> I have often said that the sole cause of man’s unhappiness is that he does not know how to stay quietly in his own room. A man wealthy enough for life’s needs would never leave home to go to sea or besiege some fortress if he knew how to stay at home and enjoy…more

Lying about the future

“Lying about the future produces history” – [Umberto Eco](, describing his book [Baudolino](

Resumés and eulogies

David Brooks shares a nice, quick talk on [the decisions to live for your resumé versus your eulogy]( > The résumé virtues are the ones you put on your résumé, which are the skills you bring to the marketplace. The eulogy virtues are the ones that get mentioned in the eulogy, which are deeper: who…more

Why designers shouldn’t be smart

Recently [Bruce Mau]( came to our office (I know, right?!). Bruce is known for his writing, including several “manifestos” over the years, and he asked everyone in the room to write their own manifesto in 3 minutes (he said he used to give people 6 minutes and they were all finished early). The first line…more

Training the mind and body

I’ve been a regular cyclist for 25 years. For the first decade, I was serious, riding every day and following schedules from books and coaches. But if I’m honest, my approach was always based more on “trying” than “training”–I would often skip days, then put out an extreme effort when I did ride to make…more